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DNA TEST PLUS is a premier provider of paternity testing services, dedicated to delivering precise results regarding paternal lineage. Our state-of-the-art laboratories leverage advanced technology to analyze saliva samples from both the alleged father and child, ensuring an impressive 99.9% reliability in our outcomes.

At DNA TEST PLUS, we prioritize your privacy and peace of mind. Our team, composed of skilled consultants and healthcare professionals, is committed to guiding you through the testing process with personalized support and comprehensive information. We understand the critical importance of these results for both you and your family, and strive to provide the utmost accuracy and swiftness in our services. Whether you seek to confirm familial connections or gain insights into your family history, DNA TEST PLUS is your trusted partner.

Our service is designed for ease of use, beginning with a simple cheek swab and followed by detailed reporting. Opt for DNA TEST PLUS for an integrated experience where innovation, expertise, and empathy converge to support you every step of the way. Our tests are conducted in accordance with all legal standards, making the results admissible in courts nationwide.

In instances where a child is born to unmarried parents and paternity is in question, courts often mandate a DNA test to clarify paternity. This is a crucial measure in resolving matters related to child support and custody.

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 Standard Paternity 

Informational Paternity Testing

Discover Your Family Connections with DNA TEST PLUS
Welcome to DNA TEST PLUS, your go-to source for informational paternity testing. Our non-legal paternity tests are designed for individuals seeking to explore their paternal lineage in a private, non-court-related context. Using advanced technology, our laboratories analyze saliva samples to provide you with highly reliable results about your biological connections.

Our process is simple and respectful of your need for privacy. With just a straightforward cheek swab, we offer a seamless experience that connects you with your family history. Whether you're curious about your ancestry or looking to understand familial relationships, DNA TEST PLUS is here to provide clarity and peace of mind.

Join countless others who have trusted DNA TEST PLUS to uncover the stories within their genes. Start your journey of discovery with us today!

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