Corporate Drug Testing Service 

In the modern, fast-paced world, maintaining a drug-free environment is essential for both personal safety and corporate responsibility.

Our mobile drug testing service adheres to DOT regulations, serving to fulfill this vital requirement by delivering convenient, secure, and extensive drug screening solutions directly to your location. We tailor our offerings to cater to the unique needs of individuals in need of personal testing or corporations striving to cultivate a safe working environment.

Features On-site Testing: Our fully equipped mobile units can reach your specified location, providing on-the-spot drug testing services that save time and reduce disruptions

Embark on a path of safety and compliance with our mobile drug testing service. Our commitment is to provide reliable, fast, and confidential testing solutions, bringing peace of mind and fostering healthier communities and workplaces.



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Your Portable Solution to Safety & Compliance

Hair Drug Test

Discover long-term substance usage with our Hair Drug Test. This non-invasive method offers a 90-day drug use history through a simple hair sample analysis. Ideal for both personal and legal purposes, it provides accurate results with a quick turnaround time.

Legal Drug Test

Our Legal Drug Test ensures compliance and accuracy necessary for court cases or legal documentation. Conducted under strict chain-of-custody procedures, it meets all legal standards required for admissibility in court, giving you dependable and legally sound results.

Supplement - Extended Opiates Panel

Enhance your drug testing capabilities with our Extended Opiates Panel. This supplement tests for additional opiates not commonly screened, providing a more comprehensive analysis of potential opiate abuse. Ideal for more detailed insights into substance use.

Supplement- Extended 17/18 Panel (includes Opiates Panel)

For the most comprehensive screening, opt for our Extended 17/18 Panel. Including everything from the Extended Opiates Panel, this test also screens for an array of substances, from common drugs to rare narcotics. It’s the definitive choice for thorough substance detection.

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