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DNA Test Plus, a minority-owned DNA testing firm, now offers an innovative social business partner program. This initiative invites entrepreneurs to generate additional revenue by launching their own mobile testing venture, utilizing DNA Test Plus's extensive range of DNA tests and consultancy services, available both online and offline. This program equips small business owners with the tools to earn competitive commissions from sales made via their marketing endeavors. Profits come from a straightforward markup strategy, where partners are informed of lab fees upfront and are empowered to set customer prices based on local market demand.

To join the program, prospective partners are required to apply online, providing personal details and explaining their interest in the opportunity. Each application is carefully evaluated.

Approved applicants will be enrolled in our coaching program, receive an affiliate URL, and select from various business setup strategies. These tools enable them to launch their business and immediately begin earning commissions by applying best business practices to their digital platforms.

This initiative welcomes participants from around the world and provides multilingual support in English, Italian, Spanish, and French. The geographical location of an affiliate's website will link it to the nearest DNA Test Plus site, leveraging DNA Test Plus's extensive presence across more than 25 countries.

For more details, explore the DNA Testing Affiliate Programme pages.

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