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Wondering, "Can I get a paternity test near me in Orlando?" Absolutely! Orlando Testing Services is your go-to for paternity testing and more, thanks to our collaboration with leading accredited laboratories. We're committed to excellence in every test we perform. With a dedicated satellite office right here in Orlando, we offer personalized advice to help you choose the right DNA test for your needs. Our services aren't limited to just paternity tests; we provide around-the-clock mobile testing for immigration, paternity, and a wide range of DNA testing needs across Orlando's key locations.

Each DNA testing case is unique, and at Orlando Testing Services, we understand this deeply. That's why we offer tailored care and attention to every client, ensuring privacy and respect throughout the process. Annually, thousands of family's trust us with their DNA testing needs, relying on our commitment to accuracy and exceptional service quality.

AABB-Accredited DNA Testing

Our AABB-accredited DNA tests provide you with the official verification needed for various critical matters, including immigration, child support, custody, inheritance, and more. While we're based in Orlando, our services reach several local cities, ensuring comprehensive coverage for all your DNA testing requirements.

If you're unsure which DNA test is right for you, start with a FREE confidential consultation with our specialists in the Orlando area. Our service areas extend to Sanford, Winter Park, Kissimmee, Altamonte Springs, Oviedo, and Lake Buena Vista, providing accessible and reliable testing solutions.

Flexible DNA Test Payment Plans

We're excited to introduce flexible payment plans for our DNA testing services, making it easier for you to get the answers you need without financial strain. Book your appointment following an initial payment, and the remaining balance will be automatically deducted from your debit card over time, allowing you to access your results while managing payments comfortably.

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Orlando Testing Services is here to offer you reliable, confidential, and convenient DNA testing services. With our 24/7 mobile testing option, we bring the testing process directly to you, whether you're at home, at work, or elsewhere, ensuring privacy and ease at every step.

Orlando Testing Services — Your trusted partner for DNA testing, ready to provide the clarity and peace of mind you deserve. Reach out to us today to schedule your appointment and embark on your journey to finding the answers you seek.Mobile 


Unlock the secrets of your DNA with our comprehensive testing services.


Book your appointment after your initial payment, with the remaining three payments automatically deducted from your debit card over time. Receive your DNA results while still making biweekly payments. Enjoy this option at no extra cost!

DNA Test Price Paternity DNA Testing Legal Option: Legal paternity DNA tests involve strict procedures and documentation to ensure its admissibility in court. Samples are collected by professionals, and each participant's identity is verified through photo IDs and witnesses. The results carry legal weight and can be used for child custody, inheritance, or other legal matters.

 Pricing starts at $379. Non-Legal Option: Home DNA paternity test offers convenience and privacy. Individuals collect their samples using provided kits, but the results may not be legally binding. It's suitable for personal knowledge or peace of mind.

Pricing starts at $199. Maternity DNA Testing Legal Option: Legal maternity DNA tests follow similar protocols as legal paternity testing, with verified identities and stringent chain of custody requirements. It's used for legal purposes like immigration or inheritance claims.

Pricing starts at $379. Non-Legal Option: At-home maternity test allows individuals to explore their biological maternal relationships for personal knowledge but may not be used for legal purposes. 

Pricing starts at $399. Grandparent DNA Testing Legal Option: A legal grandparent DNA test requires documentation and verification of identities. It's useful for establishing biological relationships when parents are unavailable for testing.

Pricing starts at $499. Non-Legal Option: At-home grandparent DNA test offers insights into potential grandparents but may not be legally accepted.

Pricing starts at $379. Avuncular DNA Testing Legal Option: A legal avuncular DNA test involves identity verification and strict documentation. It's used to determine the likelihood of a biological aunt or uncle relationship for legal purposes.

Pricing starts at $499. Non-Legal Option: At-home avuncular DNA test is available for personal use and can provide insights into potential relationships.

Pricing starts at $379. Sibling DNA Testing Legal Option: Legal sibling DNA testing follows stringent procedures to confirm sibling relationships. It can be used for legal matters like inheritance disputes or immigration cases.

Pricing starts at $499. Non-Legal Option: At-home sibling DNA test is available for personal knowledge but may not be legally recognized.

It's a convenient option for exploring sibling relationships. Pricing starts at $379.

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